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“Guardians of the Galaxy” opening early and why you’ll want to see it!

Tickets now on sale for our Thursday, July 31st 8:00 PM premiere! Tickets can be purchased here.

When Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy flies into theaters on August 1st, it will be Marvel Studios and Disneys biggest gamble yet. Guardians of the Galaxy is the 10th film from Marvel Studios, a once independent production …

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The Giver comes to theaters August 15th!

Coming to theaters August 15th, The Giver is a sci-fi/drama based off the best selling book by Lois Lowry.


Jonas lives in a world where everything is uniform, there are no colors, everything is black and white and no one knows they are prisoners to an altered reality. Everyone seems to be pretty comfortable …

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Social Star Awards Day-1  

“It’s More Than Ok To Be Takei”

Spencer Blohm did a write up for us on George Takei and his new documentary coming to our Screening Room on August 22nd!

It’s More Than Ok To Be Takei

George Takei’s journey to becoming the pop culture icon he is today has been a long, and sometimes rocky, one. His incredible story of perseverance, …

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July means documentaries!

Throughout all of July you will be able to see a documentary in our Screening Room. Here is a list of everything that will be playing and on what dates.

We kick of July (July 4th) with the film Citizen Koch. This film was supposed to be out a year ago, but the funding …

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Transformers: Age of Extinction

Next Friday, June 27th, we will be showing Transformers: Age of Extinction in 2D and 3D! Michael Bay is still directing, but I’m really liking the new casting lead with Mark Wahlberg. I think they worked really well together in Pain and Gain and I’m hoping it can be brought over to the Transformers universe.  …

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Ida Comes to the Screening Room 6/13!


Set in the 1960′s in Poland, Ida is a black and white foreign drama about a young orphan who is about to take her vows as a nun when she finds out her family was hiding something about her identity.

Ida comes to the Screening Room this Friday!

Won Best Film at the London …

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To Be Takei

To Be Takei will be coming to the Screening Room August 22nd! If you couldn’t guess it is a documentary about George Takei. A way better sysnopsis from the creators of the film, ” Over seven decades, actor and activist George Takei boldly journeyed from a WWII internment camp, to the helm of the starship …

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Fault in Our Stars Comes to theaters 6/6/14

The Fault in Our Stars will be coming to CinemaSalem June 6th!

Shailene Woodley (Divergent) and Ansel Elgot (also from Divergent) star in this story that is not just about love, but life,  overcoming obstacles and so much more. Based on the bestseller by John Green, The Fault in Our Stars follows the story of …

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A great kick off to the summer!

We have booked all the way up until June 13th and we wanted to share the great news with all of you!

This week we will be getting X-Men: Days of Future Past on the big screen in 2D only. Also coming this week is Locke. “Ivan Locke (Hardy) has worked diligently to craft …

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Full length Interstellar trailer!

Human kind has pretty much destroyed the planet and we cannot find anything to help us put it back together again. There is no planet, moon, or space junk that is habitable, but they have found a wormhole. Instead of us looking down at the ground we stand on, we must look up beyond the …

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