NR, 38 min

Mon, Oct 5 - Thu, Oct 8

This 35-minute film is a great introduction to the incredibly rich and interesting history of Salem.  Beginning with the arrival of Europeans in the 17th century, the film presents Salem's history as something that has affected us all, influenced us all, and created the Salem we live in, work in, and visit today.  Of course it includes the people affected by the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, but it also talks about the sea captains, privateers, diarists, entrepreneurs, slaves, abolitionists, teachers, ministers, game-makers, architects, and others who created and influenced Salem. 

There's even an elephant.

The cinematography is beautiful, often using sweeping aerial shots to ground Salem's history in our modern day surroundings.  Characters fade in and out of historic neighborhoods, connecting today to the past.  From Forest River to Winter Island, the McIntire district to Salem Village (now Danvers), the Spirit of Salem conveys the special nature and unique history of our unique city... right up to Haunted Happenings.

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