NR, 33 min
Director: Paul Van Ness
Presented in our intimate 18-seat screening room

Sat, Nov 28 - Sun, Nov 29
(2:00), 6:30

Mon, Nov 30 - Thu, Dec 3

Fri, Dec 4

Sat, Dec 5 - Sun, Dec 6
(2:00), 6:30

Mon, Dec 7 - Thu, Dec 10

CinemaSalem and History Alive! have collaborated to create something brand new and unique in Salem: The True 1692,
a 3D film which tells the true story of the Salem Witchcraft Hysteria
of 1692. Historically-accurate, suspenseful, and
emotionally-captivating, this new film immerses the audience in the
dangerous realities of life in Salem Village at the end of the 17th
Century and dramatically reveals the odd coincidence of forces, external
and internal, which set in motion the tragedy of the witch trials.

Filmed and edited entirely in 3D, and shot in some of the actual
locations, this memorable film allows the viewer to re-enter the world
of Salem of 1692, and to relive the most famous witch story in history.

When you travel to Salem this fall, don’t just visit the sites.
Through the magic of 3D film and thoughtful historical interpretation,
immerse yourself in The True 1692.


Audience Raves for The True 1692!

“Beautiful story, superb cinematography, great acting, and the best 3D I’ve ever seen.”

“Kudos for condensing a rich history into a concise 35 minutes. I thought the 3D was better than Harry Potter 7B!”

“This film is the perfect start for anyone curious about the witch trials!”

“I enjoyed the film, which was so effective at immersing me into the events of 1692. As a producer myself, great job!”

“Excellent! It distills a complicated series of events so that they
can be understood by non-historians. I will want to use this film when I
teach about the events of 1692.”

“So refreshing to see the events of 1692 presented without
sensationalism or voyeuristic focus on gruesome details. Having it
narrated by a young girl was an excellent choice.”

“Loved the fresh perspective on women and the societal pressures and
cultural constraints. The locations and music were stunning! I only wish
it had been longer.”

“I so appreciated the film being historical, but still so entertaining and beautiful.”

“Engrossing, well-acted, informative and well-researched, very balanced.”

“I loved the 3D! The locations were beautiful and
authentic-appearing. The film gives a different perspective on the witch
hysteria, a more thoughtful approach.”

“A masterpiece. This film was well-done in all aspects — the production quality, the acting, the editing.”

“I knew nothing of this period in history. The film presents a clear
and coherent explanation of the circumstances and context of the witch
trials. Well done.”

“It’s so realistic. It makes you feel like you are there. It’s time this story was told.”

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