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“Tucker and Dale vs. Evil” Review

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, the feature directorial debut from writer/director Eli Craig is a well crafted horror comedy made by a true fan of the genre. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil isn’t a parody, it’s a well blended genre mash-up in the same vein as Zombieland. Like Zombieland, this film is …

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Shia LaBeouf – Director?

No, that headline is not a joke. Actor Shia LaBeouf has made his directorial debut with a 10 minute horror short film for hip hop star Kid Cudi, based on his single “Maniac”. The short stars Kid Cudi and Cage (his collaborator on the single) and can be seen below. Warning, though, the short is …

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Spanish horror sequel [REC] 2 lands in the screening room this week.

The horror flick [REC] 2 starts in the screening room on Friday, October 15. Picking up right where the first film left off, [REC] 2 is sure to help quench your Halloween horror cravings! Unfamiliar with the franchise? Well, as you probably know, we here at CinemaSalem use the screening room to bring you a …

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CinemaSalem is a four-screen independent community movie theater located in historic downtown Salem, MA. Focusing on quality first-run feature films, art films, and passionate documentaries, CinemaSalem is a friendly and affordable alternative to the megaplex experience, and features the best popcorn you've ever tasted! Perhaps that's why filmlovers recently voted it the "Best North Shore Movie Theater." [Learn More]