Last year we began the long process of upgrading Cinema Salem.  With the generous support of the community, we

  • Refurbished the lobby 
  • Purchased new digital projectors
  • Upgraded the sound system
  • Repaired the HVAC system
  • Fixed the leak that had plagued the men’s restroom for years.

Now, again with the support of the community, we are turning to the next phase of improvements.  In the next few months, we will tackle the three main theaters.  We will

  • Remove the old seats and floor carpets
  • Refinish the floors
  • Install new aisle carpeting
  • Install rocker seats

No less important, we are converting what for years has been known as the café into a fourth theater, fully equipped so that it too can play newly released Hollywood films. 

We will also re-open the Screening Room to allow us to show a wide range of art films.

And before we are done, we will tackle the men’s room, cleaning up the cosmetics.

We have spent the first part of 2022 working with our architect, the city, and the general contractor to develop the plan below. 

Architect plans for Cinema Salem renovation


We had hoped to undertake the messy tasks associated with our latest upgrades while we were closed in February 2022.  But, complying with the multitude of regulatory hurdles has slowed us down.  We will press ahead, nonetheless, and we trust you will enjoy seeing our progress – as you are walking past the work sites to see a current film.

Finally, yes, you can still help – by buying a seat.  Get information here: