They're coming! Put your name on one (or several) ...

This row of seats is in our lobby right now. Come try them out. (We've gotten rid of the silly letters.)

Want to be part of Cinema Salem’s next phase of restoration and improvement?

In the first few months of 2022, we will replace the seats in our theaters with SEATS THAT ROCK! (We mean back-and-forth. But they just might rock your world too.)

It’s a big job that also requires refinishing and recarpeting floors in all the theaters. Our budget is $50,000. We hope the community will help cover at least half the budget. So you can help.

YOU CAN BUY A SEAT. Or several.

Renovation phases

During our 2021 crowdfunding campaign, we said we'd be spiffing up the place in phases. Our generous friends helped us with the following in Phase 1:

  • Refurbishing the lobby 
  • Purchasing new digital projectors
  • Upgrading the sound system
  • Repairing the HVAC system
  • Fixing the leak that plagued the men’s restroom for years.

Now we're ready for Phase 2: theater seats. Over the first few months of 2022, we will 

  • Remove the old seats and floor carpets
  • Refinish the floors
  • Install new aisle carpeting
  • Install seats in all theaters like the ones in the photo above.

How to buy a seat

There are two ways to buy a seat: You can come into the theater and buy one (we have samples; try before you buy) , or you can scroll to the bottom of this page and use PayPal.

Each seat you buy can have a plaque with your name, or the name of someone else you choose.


  • One seat costs $150.
  • Additional seats are $125 each.
  • A full row will cost $1,000.

Please note: These prices are for individuals. We will happily sell seats to your company, if you'd like to advertise that way. Here are our packages for businesses..

Where your name will be displayed

If you want your name displayed, it will appear in three places:

  • On the seat(s)
  • On a poster in our lobby
  • On the screens of our theaters in a pre-show slide that will run throughout 2022.


We will attach plaques to seats on a first come–first served basis, starting with rows midway back from the screens.

We will keep plaques in place for as long as the seats are in place.  If we have to replace “your” seat in less than five years, we will roll over your plaque to the replacement seat.

Questions? Contact us at

To purchase your seat, just choose a quantity and a payment method:

Please select a quantity below:

Within a day or two we'll follow up with an email to collect some additional information, and we'll keep in touch as the installation process for our new seats gets underway.
Thanks for your support. Your help is crucial to keeping great film alive in Salem!
Corporate pricing: The prices listed here are for individuals. We will happily sell seats to your company, if you'd like to advertise that way. Contact us at for corporate pricing.