Rent one of our theaters for a party, a meeting, or just to see a film in the company of only people you invite.

We have two standard offerings, described below. To explore renting our space for a purpose not covered here, including multi-day events, please contact us at or (978) 594-0912.

Rent-a-theater packages

First-run films

You can arrange a private screening of a recently released ("first-run") film we have booked for our regular, public shows.

Base price: $250, plus

    • Each attendee buys a ticket at our regular prices.
    • Concession stand is open, including popcorn, with regular prices.

Private screenings must be scheduled when a theater is not in use for public screenings.

Private screenings of first-run films are covered by our contracts with the companies that distribute the films. Terms are not flexible, and we must obtain special permission from the distributors for these screenings.

Bring your own blu-ray or DVD

  • $250 for up to 25 people. 
  • $50 for a small popcorn for everyone.
  • Drinks and other concessions charged at normal prices.

You are not allowed to charge admission.

To arrange for a group larger than 25, please contact us at or (978) 594-0912.