Rentals: Parties

Celebrate a birthday — or make your own occasion

People throw all kinds of parties in our theaters — birthday, engagement, anniversary, Tuesday-afternoon-with-the-homies, you name it. They say we're very good hosts. And we'd love to host your gathering, big or small. See our packages below.

1. Bring your own film or video game

Invite your own guests and bring a Blu-ray, DVD and/or video game and gaming console.

  • $400 for three hours
  • $50 extra to open our concession stand; we will charge our normal prices

Prices apply for groups up to 50 people. For groups larger than 50, we will add $5 per person. 

Example: Rent for 3 hours with 70 guests

$400 base rate (includes 50 guests), plus
$100 ($5 per guest for 20 additional guests)
$500 total

You are not allowed to charge admission. 

2. See a current film and bring your own audience

We can arrange private screenings of any film we are currently showing.  Bring your friends, family — anyone you like.

To comply with our contracts with film distributors, we charge according to the following formula:

$250 (for the basic rental) + normal ticket price for each guest

Example: A group of 20 people sees a film in the morning or afternoon (at the matinee price of $9 per ticket)

$250 (basic rental), plus
$180 (20 guests @ $9 per guest)
$430 total

You are not allowed to charge admission.


Schools and Nonprofits

We eagerly support schools and other nonprofits.  Contact us for special discounts:


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